Significance of Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Pharma Industry

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Novel Drug Delivery Systems

In a recent interview with the Financial Express, Mr. Saransh Chaudhary, President of Global Critical Care at Venus Remedies Ltd and CEO of Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC), discussed the growing significance of Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) in the pharmaceutical industry. NDDS refers to innovative techniques and technologies that enhance the effectiveness and safety of drug administration.

Mr. Chaudhary highlighted that NDDS has gained prominence due to its ability to address various challenges in drug delivery, including poor solubility, limited bioavailability, and drug resistance. By utilizing advanced drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical companies can improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and enhance patient compliance.

The article emphasized Venus Remedies Ltd's commitment to developing and implementing NDDS solutions. VMRC, the company's research and development arm, plays a vital role in designing and optimizing these novel drug delivery technologies. It stressed the importance of continuous research and development to stay at the forefront of drug delivery innovation.

Mr. Chaudhary also mentioned some of the specific NDDS techniques being pursued by Venus Remedies Ltd, such as nanotechnology, liposomal delivery systems, and targeted drug delivery. These approaches have shown promising results in overcoming drug-related challenges and improving treatment efficacy.

Overall, the Financial Express article highlighted the increasing focus on NDDS in the pharmaceutical industry and Venus Remedies Ltd's dedication to leveraging these innovative technologies to enhance patient care and outcomes.

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