Venus Remedies Attains the Coveted 'Three Star Export House' Certification from the Government of India!

Venus Remedies | Three Star Export House | Government of India
Venus Remedies | A Three Star Export House Certified by the GoI

Venus Remedies, a trailblazing pharmaceutical company, has achieved the prestigious 'Three Star Export House' certification from the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade. This remarkable accomplishment underscores Venus Remedies' unwavering commitment to excellence in international trade and its dedication to global health.

From Two Stars to Three Stars: A Remarkable Journey

Venus Remedies had previously held the 'Two Star Export House' status, which required the company to meet stringent export performance criteria of USD 25 million. What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that to attain the coveted 'Three Star' status, a company must demonstrate an outstanding export performance by reaching a milestone of USD 100 million within a span of three years.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to Venus Remedies' dedication, innovation, and global reach in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's commitment to quality and excellence has enabled it not only to meet but exceed these ambitious targets.

Venus Remedies' Impressive Certifications

Venus Remedies' journey towards becoming a 'Three Star Export House' has been facilitated by their unwavering dedication to quality, responsible exporting, and adherence to international standards. In addition to this latest accolade, the company boasts a commendable collection of certifications, including:

CII Responsible Export Organization Designation: Venus Remedies is acknowledged as a 'Responsible Export Organization' by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). This designation emphasizes their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices in the global market.

EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification: Venus Remedies complies with the stringent European Union Good Manufacturing Practices standards, ensuring the quality and safety of their pharmaceutical products for international markets.

GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Certification: With this certification, Venus Remedies showcases its excellence in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring that their products are handled, stored, and transported with the utmost care and quality.

These certifications collectively represent Venus Remedies' unwavering dedication to providing safe, high-quality pharmaceutical products to global markets. They are committed not only to meeting international standards but exceeding them.

A Vision for a Healthier World

Venus Remedies' journey from a 'Two Star Export House' to a 'Three Star Export House' is not only a milestone for the company but also a symbol of their commitment to global health. Their products, enriched by cutting-edge research and development, have been making a positive impact on healthcare worldwide.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we look forward to Venus Remedies' continued journey of innovation, dedication to quality, and contribution to a healthier world.

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