Venus Remedies Receives CII Responsible Export Organization Certification for the Second Consecutive Year

Venus Remedies | CII REO
Certified as a Responsible Export Organization by the CII

Venus Remedies Limited has once again been honored with the prestigious CII Responsible Export Organization (REO) certification, marking a remarkable achievement for our organization. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to responsible business practices, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of our operations.

The CII Responsible Export Organization Surveillance Assessment for Venus Remedies Limited encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of our organization. Below, we highlight the key findings and major strengths from the assessment:

Organization Characteristics:

  • Established for over 30 years in India (since 1991).
  • Global footprint with an export focus, serving more than 75 countries.
  • Stable leadership and a highly engaged and motivated workforce.
  • Offers products addressing Antimicrobial Resistance and temperature-controlled logistics.
  • Research and development focused on Combination Therapies.
  • Diverse product portfolio, including herbal products for the domestic market.
  • Aim to achieve a turnover of 1000 Crores.
  • Managing fluctuating input costs and margin pressures.
  • A debt-free organization.

Major Strengths:

  • Founded with a noble purpose to address the demand for IV Fluids.
  • Committed to employee engagement and empowerment, resulting in a highly motivated and loyal team.
  • Demonstrates environmental focus through eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging, and tree plantations.
  • Multiple employee engagement practices, including birthday celebrations, sports events, and more.
  • Certified as a Great Place to Work.
  • Drives innovation through contests and programs to foster a creative climate and culture.
  • Promotes customer-centricity and encourages feedback.
  • Emphasizes internal human capital development.
  • Adopts NSDC for skill development at all levels.
  • Focuses on value addition and quality management systems.
  • Invests in energy efficiency and logistics.
  • Strong HR support and hospital tie-ups.
  • Well-organized marketing efforts and long-term contracts with key suppliers.
  • Proactive customer engagement and negligible warranty issues.
  • Implements robust quality and risk identification systems.
  • Incorporates robotics and automation in manufacturing.

Venus Remedies has several promising opportunities for improvement identified in the assessment. These include clarifying their noble purpose to attract stakeholders and ignite passion, expanding their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus through Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting, defining core values and translating them into observable behaviors, enhancing development programs beyond internal job postings (IJP), developing role competency structures, implementing potential appraisal and assessment centers, bolstering engagement with strategic partners and suppliers, fostering innovation through training initiatives, collaborating with educational and professional bodies for packaging innovations, implementing predetermined time standards, improving manufacturing practices with structured 5S implementation, creating a structured versatility matrix, gathering structured customer feedback from export customers, institutionalizing safety education, inviting industry professionals for safety audits, and reevaluating parameters like MTBF and OEE.

We are proud of our achievements and remain dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. The CII REO certification is a testament to our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. We look forward to further strengthening our position as a responsible export organization and working towards our mission for 2025.

For more information, you can read the full article on The Hindu Business Line.

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